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Our Passion is Unique Handcrafted Items


Imagine a day with no interruptions ,no mess & no stress. A home where each and every item is designed to perfectly fit its purpose and place. Here at ODAKA we always keep this vision in our minds.
All our pieces are handmade, with full intention and great desire to achieve clear functionality and longevity – for each piece to be cherished for many years to come. Our kitchenware and home decor are inspired by Far East aesthetics and modern minimalism. Each piece is hand-crafted using top materials and uniquely concocted glazes, delicately made with an emphasis on the smallest of details.
Precision and quality are the key elements in our quest to bring you the finest product. Our belief is that we must remain up to date, keeping our minds fresh by constantly evolving and perfecting our line of products. ODAKA's aim has always been,   and always will be, to bring you a pure, simple & true experience.